Are you a local artist (or an artist soon to travel to the Portland, OR. area)?  You may enjoy a stop at our local recycling center, SCRAP, (a small warehouse) filled with all kinds of interesting donated stuff from both industry and individuals.  The prices are often "dirt" cheap, and there seems to be a steady stream of items coming in each day (they have a special "donation door" to accept all kinds of items that can be put to good use).  This is not your typical Goodwill/thrift shop/garage sale, etc. kind of place.  They sell no clothing, pots and pans, furniture...instead you'll find all kinds of "materials" that might be of interest to many creative types.  I've donated many of the things that I gathered up during my six months of gleaning at the city dump...the kinds of things that I ultimately had no use for, but were obviously destined to go somewhere else other than our landfill.   I took a few photos while visiting SCRAP the other day:

SCRAP also has a special side room that sells the work of several local artists who use primarily recycled kinds of materials:


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